Monday, February 13, 2006


A bright sun in the sky, lush green grass on the fields till as far as the eye could see, and a sense of utopian peace where the eye couldn't. Niteesh could not have cared less. He did not even recognize the hands which were trying to feed him now. Loving, caring, wrinkled old hands. Hands which had kept his body alive, when his mind had lost the war to Alzheimer's. He did not thank these hands. He did not feel grateful. He did not even remember what he felt anymore. Anna could not have cared less.

She had not always been there. With him. Though she felt like it now. She had been his first love. He had passionately courted her for a year. She had tried to reason it out with him. "It will not work." "Go live your life. Do not waste it like this." "You have so much promise in you. I am not meant for you." But Niteesh could not care less. He loved her. Beyond words. Beyond reason. Anna had gone away. And she had been away for thirty years. She had a lovely life, with a loving man, with lovely children and with lovelier grandchildren.

Then, one day there had been the doctor's letter. They had traced her from his journal entries, as the only living person who knew him and was still alive. She had gone back to see him. There had been a strange restlessness in her heart, when she saw those eyes once again. Though lost, but still searching. For what? He had lived all his life, they told her, with zest and vigour. He had been successful, and kind. He had never married. It was then she knew, it was time he stopped searching. She knew he would never recognize her again. She knew he would never love again. Anna could not care less.


  1. ERM am confused with the words " coudl not care less"....seems like theres no love lost!?!??!

    or maybe im just talkign off my rocker!

  2. Ah, it is what you "could not care less" about that matters. See the four contexts it appears in ...

    a) what is around you, because you are not aware of it.
    b) that the other person is incapable of returning your love, because you still love him/care for him in spite of everything.
    c) that the other person entreats you to move on, and still you love her (because you cannot help it or for any other reason).
    d) b) repeated slightly differently

    Errr... the you above is not literally you... they are the characters in the story!


  3. * has a heart attack and falls paralysed forever*

    YOU SAID YOU!!!!!

    * rolls around the floor moaning and groaning and schmoaning*

  4. No, no, no ... it's whatever you had for lunch, that is causing the problem... don't blame it on me!

    Anyways that 'you' is once loving a him (in b) and once loving a her (in c) so...

    *I did not say anything*


  5. ah my gad you have NO sense of humor at ALL i say!!! * jharoo niashi?*

  6. @anwesha: Hey! Glad to see you around.

    @grafx: I don't. I really, really don't. I am quite sullen most of the time and cannot laugh at all ! *Jharoo anleyo hanshbona.*