Sunday, October 02, 2011

There is a world of pain

There is a world of pain hidden
in a special nook in my heart,
A world that is only mine
Mine in full and mine,
in its every myriad part.

A place to dwell in peace
among my bloody shards,
In quiet whimpers of my own
My own song and my cry,
protectors, my fleet of guards.

Where betrayal fears to tread
deep down in a pitch dark realm.
Where I can murder love
in whimsical glee before I,
am sacrificed at its helm.

A world where I die alone
everyday and night that I trust in life,
Where smiles and hugs
strangle souls and plunge in swift
an icy, pickled, burning knife.

An airtight and quarantined cell
where it's so much fun to rot like this,
Insides hollowed with echoing whys
filled with the stink of cursed flesh,
sealed shut with a fairy tale kiss.