Thursday, June 30, 2011

Unuttered Nonsense

If I was in Neverland, I would probably never fly again. There things that we all wish will never happen. There are things we all wish would kill us when they do happen. But just like in fairy tales, they never do. I will probably die of some horrible disease caused by my fondness for food. Such an innocuous thing - food. Such a treacherous feeling - hunger. I have not really rambled in a while. Why now?

You leave me with... a desire to write...

Desires are a dangerous thing. Buddha was well, Buddha and so he knew this somehow. We all know this too but choose not to remember. For example, I wonder how many people remember the above declared desire.

You don't owe anything to me/

Liability, like desire is a dangerous malady. We do owe our existence to someone else but we owe our integrity to ourselves. Or so I would like to believe. And we owe our words to the void of our souls. In this ephemeral existence, what good are words, unless they take root in memory.

Many whimpers later, when my heart will stop beating, I will still want you to want me, even for one instant, like you have wanted them.

There was a night, in a long distant land, where the fire of desire was smothered with raucous indifference along a tram-line. A night of frightful wakefulness. We all carry out nights within us. And sometimes, when out of complacence, we make them out to be constructs of our dreams, they burn brighter than any fire has ever burned.

People who throw away everything that gets old scare me. People who hold on to everything that they ever owned scare me. Me? I love my 11 year old cellphone more than I should. I only wish the battery would hold it's charge longer.

He would get late for his shift if he did not leave soon. Besides Sameer would be anxious to be relieved. So that he could get back to his newly married wife.

Be careful of what you wish for. Because you just might get it.

I love the damn woman.

Oh... be very careful.