Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Figure this

I am thinking about
to answer this later
and not now.

I said
to myself as usual,
I know the answer...
Be casual!

I refuse
to be taken in,
and give up on
my chocolate sin.

I want to
make love,
and not give way when,
push comes to shove.

I wish
on every star
burn up, and light
every near and far.

I hear
Find that surprising?
That's your cue.

I wonder
what I do
day and night
with so much ado.

I regret
Do i?
All my questions gone!
Can I have one more why?

I am
me, ofcourse,
unless you discount my other self,
then it's just me, off course.

I dance
because it takes time
to follow you, so!

I sing
True and tuned-in notes,
beat for beat.

I cry
precious much
everytime I remember
times past, such.

I am not always
on an obscure slant
but I never said
I can't.

I make with my hands
your dreams
because mine burst apart
at the seams.

I write
gibberish verse.
You read it!
No, that's not worse.

I confuse
almost all
when I explain the reasons
for the apple's fall.

I need
a hug
and chocolates -
a bar, ice-cream, and hot
in a jug.

Saturday, September 16, 2006

Jab aadat ho chali thi (Reprise)...

Jab aadat ho chali thi,


Khamosh raaton mein
anjaan hansi kaano se takrati hai,

Sunsan kamron me
khilti chandni bikhri jaati hai,

Anjaan bheed mein
benaam nigahein uth kar milti hain,

Goonjti galiyon mein
muskurate hue khwab umad aaten hai,

Kisi ke naye aansu
purane zakhm dho dalte hain,

Ankahi baatein samajahne
koi parchayi aati hai,

Bayaar mein phir se khushboo
luka-chuppi khelti hai,

Zindagi mein koi ansuni
awaaz mishri si ghulti hai,

Koi pari apne nanhe
haathon se thaki palkein selhlati hai,

Berang safedi se wohi
satrangi zindagi umadti hai,

Masoom agwah hansi mein zindagi
phir se lehrati hai,

Ab aadaten badalne par majboor hain,


The poem on the previous post, which I left incomplete, is completed here by my friend Chaos.

Friday, September 08, 2006

Jab aadat ho chali thi...

Jab aadat ho chali thi...

Jagi jagi raaton me
sisakti aahaton ki,

Sunsan kamre me
dari parchayi ki,

Anjaan bheed me
thami chuppi ki,

Khoyi galiyon me
goonjte kadmon ki,

Purane zakhmon me
sookhe aansuon ki,

Lal hoton me
unkahi baaton ki,

Khuli hawa me
quaid khushboo ki,

Band darwaze me
chupi zindagi ki,

Pariyon ki kahani me
gumshuda jadoo ki,

Do aur do ki ginti me
hamesha chaar aane ki,

Satrangi dhanak me
berang safedi ki,

Benakab chehre me
simte hue sharm ki,

Massom zindagi me
agwah hansi ki,

Jab aadat ho chali thi,


Monday, September 04, 2006

Manufacturing Love

There are so many ideas swimming inside my head and there is so much going on in life that it has become almost impossible to pin down one thought and write a post on it. So what follows is a mish-mash, a jumbled pile of abstractions.

It is liberating, is it not, when one can trust someone implicitly. I have suddenly... no, not suddenly actually, but I have opened up, considerably. I find that there exist things or persons which bring about this change in me quite effortlessly. Perhaps it is only that I have learned to read such signs, or perhaps its just plain luck. But it is a whole lot easier if one can honestly speak things on one's mind without undue processing about being politically correct all the time.

A simple promise
Of being true,
Fills me up with
Freedom through n through.

The week in movies, was very interesting. I watched Trainspotting, Catch 22 and To Sir with Love. A psychotic drug movie about choosing death over life (and to think someone asked me just a week back why are drugs harmful!). A most amusing portrayal of the absurd contradiction that is life, and the even more (irrational?) effort to fight those with more contradictions of one's own. The last of course is an old favourite of mine. I'll become one someday - a teacher, I mean. Be under no illusions, it is one of the hardest and most demanding professions of all times. I know because I've seen it from very, very close quarters. Ah! But that's the dreamy eyed idealist in me speaking. One that will probably send me to the grave penniless and alone.

I guess I can't pin down any more abstractions today, but I do have this little idea tugging the corner of my shirt, so I'll lift it up into my arms and show it to you.

What nonsense!
To even think
About such a thing.

Why not I ask,
When all this... chaos,
Is all it's doing!

Bah! It is not a rubber tyre
or a sheet of toughened steel,
To be drawn and quartered.

But it is, into all shapes
and sizes till fits a fist
or is in public, slaughtered.

But what of trade?
Who will pay for it,
Only a fool's folly!

Can you imagine?
The only thing they said
can't be bought. Golly!

It's disaster from
the word go.
I'll play in it no part.

Packaged love,
Just put a "From" and "To"
Ask your heart!

Will there be discounts
on bulk orders, and
on a festive holiday?

Why not! Maybe flavours too.
Even 20% extra if you
order ahead in May!

Ok, then. Calculate the
costs and set up the plant.
Let's do business!

I knew you would come around,
After all who can resist
money, even if it creates a mess.