Monday, December 01, 2014

Slightly broken

Scratches of colour
pencil scraps
chalk out heartstrings
rendered on muted
Shreds of light
year pasts
return my leftover love
smeared on broken
Walks of sound
less kisses
ride roller-coaster stories
dripping on fungal
Touches of your
carnal pauses
echo in home-bound corridors
broken in dissoluble

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

It Rains

It rains.
In beads held captive on
a sweaty brow, meandering
between hesitant creases.

It rains.
In drops trickling down
dimpled cheeks, tripping
over murmuring lips.

It rains.
In streams forming at
the corner of eyes, awash
with new born hope.

It rains.
In puddles splashed over
a pristine white, stained
with muddy expectations.

It rains.
In sheets of a sky washed
breathless face, gulping
in the sound of your name.

It rains.

It rains.

It pours.

It tickles, trickles and washes over.
It batters, and soothes and drowns,
It chokes, it chides, it chastises,
It plays, it pricks, it pleasures.

It rains.