Wednesday, October 27, 2004

A thoughtless worse ....

As I stare at this blank expanse of white,
thinking about what next to write,
A thousand thoughts in my head, a haze,
taking shape in the mist, a labyrinthine maze.

Did I just write a verse,
of complete nonsensical stuff, even worse,
Hey, I think - this is it, just let it flow,
and maybe after this very boring day, I'll find that elusive glow.

That glimmer of light, that ray of hope,
the strength, the will, the resolve of mind which helps me cope,
With the chaos of my existence, with the conflict of my being,
of the sounds in my hearing, of the colors in my seeing.

Where, oh where is that fractal of order and sense,
which will soothe my being, make light my dense,
Perhaps in this babel of words, if a line I cast,
I'll find my sense of my world, at last.