Tuesday, June 29, 2004

another day goes by ...

Whew !! What a day! Drove at 10am to college - and the sun almost drove me crazy with the heat. And what have I been doing since morning - coding - what else ! Trying to make this stupid computer to do my bidding is not easy. But atleast my new LCD flatpanel Samsung syncmaster monitor looks absolutely stunning :-)) - so I am staring at something good !

What are other people doing around me - the same as me - coding :-O (what kind of cursed place is this !!) hehehe ... well thats life for a grad student - every body is working on their little baby ofcourse as am I. hmmm - between all this I managed to catch a few glimpses of the trailer of king arhtur n van helsing - how r the movies? has ne one seen them?

Time to wrap up the day - plan to laze around for the rest of the evening - mmm the very thought of it is relaxing. And ppl who are following the euro - arent the checs playing sum smashing futbol ....

ciou evbd.

Monday, June 28, 2004



This is not my first foray into writing some sort of a diary - but I always give it up - someway, sometime in the middle of it all the chaos of my existence I always give up writing. Well ... here's another attempt - lets hope it manages to sustain itself through ....

Let me introduce myself - I am 25 and from Delhi, India (why would anybody want to know that - I have no idea!!)
What do I do - well I tinker around with computers, read a lot, draw a little, play a little, and I talk a whole lot more though finding listners is tough most of the time ... And I like to find out stuff about various countries, and to travel their many cities and to know people and .... (how many of you are still reading this :-) ).

Though I must confess I havent been anywhere much yet - most of my own country is quite a mystery to me still (as if anybody else has a clue what it is all about (lol)... but I plan to find out someday

well, now thats that.
... and surely more coming up later.