Monday, June 28, 2004



This is not my first foray into writing some sort of a diary - but I always give it up - someway, sometime in the middle of it all the chaos of my existence I always give up writing. Well ... here's another attempt - lets hope it manages to sustain itself through ....

Let me introduce myself - I am 25 and from Delhi, India (why would anybody want to know that - I have no idea!!)
What do I do - well I tinker around with computers, read a lot, draw a little, play a little, and I talk a whole lot more though finding listners is tough most of the time ... And I like to find out stuff about various countries, and to travel their many cities and to know people and .... (how many of you are still reading this :-) ).

Though I must confess I havent been anywhere much yet - most of my own country is quite a mystery to me still (as if anybody else has a clue what it is all about (lol)... but I plan to find out someday

well, now thats that.
... and surely more coming up later.


  1. hey first rain...
    glad you stumbled upon the pixie's blog. she has now visited yours.
    and she likes. esp, coz your user name is firstrain. i love the first rain. i love the way the earth smells...
    for now, will add you to my favourites menu coz i'm too swamped wth other things to do, and will add your blog on the right bar when i'm modifying it next.

  2. Hi Pixie,

    You actually went and read my first post - cool. And better still that you liked the blog - hoping to see you back soon.