Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Figure this

I am thinking about
to answer this later
and not now.

I said
to myself as usual,
I know the answer...
Be casual!

I refuse
to be taken in,
and give up on
my chocolate sin.

I want to
make love,
and not give way when,
push comes to shove.

I wish
on every star
burn up, and light
every near and far.

I hear
Find that surprising?
That's your cue.

I wonder
what I do
day and night
with so much ado.

I regret
Do i?
All my questions gone!
Can I have one more why?

I am
me, ofcourse,
unless you discount my other self,
then it's just me, off course.

I dance
because it takes time
to follow you, so!

I sing
True and tuned-in notes,
beat for beat.

I cry
precious much
everytime I remember
times past, such.

I am not always
on an obscure slant
but I never said
I can't.

I make with my hands
your dreams
because mine burst apart
at the seams.

I write
gibberish verse.
You read it!
No, that's not worse.

I confuse
almost all
when I explain the reasons
for the apple's fall.

I need
a hug
and chocolates -
a bar, ice-cream, and hot
in a jug.


  1. This is one of the best versions of this meme I've read!


    and I'll bring you chocolates :)

  2. I smile
    a faint smile
    at my friend's
    baffled style

    I give
    in a jug
    ice cream n chocolate
    with a warm hug



  3. hi,
    chocolates, ice-creams are the most tempting things in the world and jab apni wife ko manana ho to sabse pyara gift...

  4. I second Sonia! This is by and far the best meme. Says a lot and says it with panache!

  5. Shubho bijoya boss.It's time u wrote a new post.

  6. Am a regular "follower" of ur posts.. the quality of your writing is just too good... great meme post

  7. @sonia: Oooo... plz doo! :o)

    @mirage: Thankooo! Hug! :)

    @vibhor: If she'll have all of them then what will I have - I wonder! Eeeks - I don't even have a wife yet.

    @grey: Panache - now thats a complement! ;) Thanks!

    @jan: Shubho Bijoya and yess sirr!

    @reprobate: Hey, a formal welcome to the blog then :) Keep visiting! Nice to have you here.