Thursday, February 16, 2006

Answers beyond reason

How do I hold in,
Lock up in a single heart,
What can change lives forever,
How do I erase what is,
Etched in blood from end to start.

How do I look past,
A light which shines so bright,
That it purges clean every dark,
How do I accept that it is not the chosen path,
When every living shred screams it is the only right.

How do I pray and not ask,
For everything I want as mine,
To be human for a change,
How do I unconditionally surrender,
Myself, in this tryst with the divine.

How do I give up,
Every claim on my own breath,
The right to fight for staying alive,
How do I walk into an everlasting still,
Disowned by life, unclaimed by death.

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