Thursday, February 16, 2006


The day was going by as any other day. There had been the usual meetings, and seminars and what not. I managed to see Bluffmaster at last. After which I followed it up with a movie in Portuguese called Cidade De Deus or City of God. I tried to listen, instead of just reading the subtitles. I can pick up bits n pieces of the language as it is somewhat similar to Spanish. But all that remained after the movie was the sound of gunshots, ringing in my head! Rio is still floating somewhere in the back of my mind.

Then, suddenly out of nowhere, a couple of friends turned up and dragged me out. They had been playing badminton for sometime. I had expressed a subdued interest in it at some point of time. It seems they had decided that it was about time I took a more active interest in it. And so I went to a badminton court after a gap of about three years. First shot: Shuttle leaves my left hand, right hand swings the racket, shuttle falls to ground near my feet. It was so embarrassing. I could feel my face go blood red. But thankfully it came back after a couple of clumsy shots. Soon I was into a heated doubles match, running all over the court. I was really surprised when I dived - on a cement court - missed, bruised my leg and felt really good about it! The best part was we won - 15/13. I had so forgotten how good it felt. Of course I am going back today, my aching shoulder, notwithstanding.

I took a shower, and had dinner at the mess. Made a brief visit to the office to finish up some work. Then I decided to walk back. I was merrily talking to myself out loud. Talking about things no one else would be interested in hearing, but they needed to be said nonetheless. When Y and D pulled up beside me, and offered a lift back to my place.

My roomie N, and me, do not have any furniture at all. All our stuff is either in almirahs, or on the floor, as is our bed. So when N informed me a wooden cot was lying unattended on the terrace of our building for the past fifteen days, I knew it was a godsend. We went and examined it. The cot was broken right in the middle, but it was still usable. So we smuggled the cot into our apartment and voila! Well, first night on a cot which made a soothing murmuring sound every time I twisted and turned, was turning out to be kind of rickety. Sleep, however, is a very potent anaesthetic. And soon, it was sweet dreams!

I can't seem to remember my dreams anymore. I wonder why...


  1. sometimes it's better to not remember.

  2. i love badminton.

    as for dreams...i try not to remember them....sometimes... its just too painful.

    but. it could also mean that youre really tired. :)

  3. @sonia: It is? Maybe it's a defense mechanism then...

    @grafx: :o) I played two games today ... lost both .. beginners luck runs pretty thin I'd say :D