Thursday, February 09, 2006

Ten Questions

1. If every one who knew anything about the theory of information, typed a random sentence would the entropy of the written piece be high or low?

2. In the finite dimensional space spanned by their beautiful linearly independent basis vectors, if you spin an electron clockwise, would its entangled pair spin likewise in another finite dimensional space?

3. If I wore a black denim pant instead of blue, will the deviation be enough to change the course of world history about a million years from now?

4. If the ringing of the cell phone, resonates with the natural frequency of the steel rafter overhead, can it bring this building down?

4. If everything fast is relative to everything slow, then is it the same with flat and curved? What about space-time, where is the flat relative for that?

5. How many mutations of my DNA, will make me invisible? Will any number of mutations ever bring me back?

6. If P turned out to be equal to NP, will the price of crude oil come down tomorrow? Or is this precisely the reason they have been asking us to use renewable sources from day one?

7. If Da Vinci did not meet Mona Lisa, would that smile be still on some painting? Worse still, what if Mona Lisa did not let Da Vinci paint her portrait? Will all smiles be lost?

8. If there is a star for every man, woman and child on this planet, what happens to all the other people on all the other planets? Is that a life-on-another-planet question or one in first order logic?

9. If India made cold fusion a reality, who'll feed all the power companies? Who will feed all the power? Who will feed?

10. Can I ask one more question after this?


  1. NO!

    * jharoo kothai!!?!? dichchi tho!! darao!*


  2. EEEKS! Errrr... can I run?


  3. Hey! youre running in the opposite direction! Jharoo eydigey!!

  4. quiz show host audition?
    dont go there and embarass urself pls :P

  5. @grafx: Where? Where? Awww... I always knew I should've run towards eeu! :D

    @pix: Indian Quidol! What an idea! :o)