Saturday, February 25, 2006

Letting a laugh live

Spiders in the bathroom! I am usually reasonably brave, except when confronted with needles, and creepy, crawly things and... You get the idea. I ran out and fetched the biggest, meanest jhadu (broom) I could lay my hands on. I was all set to met out a thrashing blow when my roomie N stopped me. His plan was to gently lift the spider on the broom, and let it out of the house. I suddenly felt barbaric. For a boy with his unkempt, uncouth and the-rest-of-the-world-can-go-to-hell look, he had right then very potently reminded me about the sanctity of all life.

Though I am quite sure I'll hardly feel the same way when I encounter another arachnid, it did convince me that I still have a lot to learn, from every person I meet. I still have hundreds of questions left in me. Perhaps, everybody I bump into brings the gift of a different answer. I also remembered that fear can make me do many things which I would ordinarily not do. A defense mechanism, I guess. Since I am still alive, it must be a good one.

One another note, I sometimes get this sudden urge for uncontrollable laughter when I know for sure I am going to get a really big scolding. It happens just when I am about to face that person. It does not happen always. And it is not that I am laughing at the person or mocking that person. It's just that somebody getting angry over me for whatever reason seems suddenly, to be the funniest thing in the world. What's worse is that if I am laughing when another person is scolding me, it does nothing to calm the rising tempers! I do my best to stifle the laugh. Honestly. But stifling laughter is another thing I must not do too often. No?

It's not you, silly!

Tee hee hee.
What do you think you are smirking at?
Hee hee! Nothing... hee.
Impudent child!
Sorry... but... hee hupp gulp.
Stop this behavior right this instant! Atrocious!
Haa haa ha... your... haa ha
What! How dare you? Me, me? What about me?
Haa hmmmpph... haaa haa.. hoo hoo oooh my
Hmmpph! He hee ... What? Tell me...
Your tail is on fire!
What!!! Aiyeeeaaa...
Haaa haaa haa.... h..
Oh my! Ooooh my! Help! Wait a...
Toodle ooo... tee hee
I don't have a tail!


  1. I couldnt help chuckling a little bit myself! ;)

    Btw, nothin barbaric abt killin a spider...i sorta feel like a hero! Coz it feels good to eliminate ur 'fears', dznt it?

  2. Okay so I am just as barbaric as you. I bring a bottle of fantastic (appliance cleaner), spray the poor bug till it is too wet to walk and then I pick it up with toilet paper and flush it. This is sounding so horrible in writing, but I am so scared by bugs I have no other option!

  3. I must honestly admit I thrashed a spider yesterday evening. I was big and crawly and had thick orange legs (EEEW!). I landed a big SPLAT on it with an arm long broom.

    Guess fear is not that easy to overcome after all.

  4. When my husband is at work or traveling, my arachnaphobic teens STILL come shrieking to me to dispense with any size (usually quite large and well-fed)spiders.

    I cannot bear to feel their bodies break when I squash them. (I'm a gentle soul, but we are all dangerously allergic to ANY spider bites, so it's necessary to move in swiftly because there is no choice to coax it outside. (Bitten= immediate hospital care.)

    Wonderful attitude about laughter to treat difficult people. When one laughs, I bet you know that endorphins are released thereby being the reason you physically feel better. (ex. "Laughter is the best medicine...")
    Your poem is so clever, no tee-hee about that! :)

  5. The sancity of starts in small moments. I am glad you didin't pounce the spider.