Monday, February 27, 2006

Illimitable rapture

A mesmerising breeze blew on the most beautiful of all evenings in New Delhi, as a crowd of music lovers gathered in numbers far beyond what was planned for. The occasion was an open-air concert, organized by SPIC MACAY at the Nehru Park, Chanakyapuri, New Delhi.

As we walked in, I saw Ustad Zakir Hussain adjusting the microphone decibels with the sound technicians making sure everything sounded just right. We had to reach the concert site and hour and a half early to get good seats and the wait was worth every second. Six-thirty and Zakir carried the Santoor onto the stage. The Santoor is the instrument played by Pandit Shiv Kumar Sharma. Zakir's tabla was already there. The two maestros took centre stage, and then it began.

I will not even attempt to say a word about these two great artistes. My words cannot do justice to such incarnations of divine art. I want to, however, attempt to convey what I felt when they played.

Wood on string,
The air vibrates,
Soft twinkles lighting up
an evening of velvet shine,
Fingers conjure beats,
A soft cadence teases, slowly
up a cup of crimson wine.

A brook trips
and falls in glee
free from shackles bound,
She shies away with
an inviting glance,
A touch, a smell, a sight, and all
to the might of sound.

like fire and smoke,
A lingering kiss,
A passionate bite,
Fingers dance on
His lap divine,
Sparks of ecstasy
of sheer delight.

The winds dance
to a frenzied quake,
You run your fingers
down my spine
tracing tales of yore,
Raising the wild
beast asleep
inside, madness
and wanting more.

Zenith of a
crescendoing thrill,
One with Him
a virgin soul,
Life scorched forever
with a celestial
touch, her and me
in a seamless whole.


  1. Lush, reflective, sensual with love, and delectably romantic a poem. Hmmmm. I've missed your writing so much.

    I love music. This evening sounds divine. Send the weather here!

    No wonder you understood my recent audio poem...*Double winks*.I'm planning on reading (enacting...) yours to my husband when he returns home from work.You're quite talented.

  2. I clicked publish too soon (as I too often do.)
    Emotional pain and yearning permeates every pore. To say it's hard to move on from sadness that pierced scars forever in your soul, is an understatement. It sounds like you've found some solace and hope through Faith.
    Best wishes in new beginnings

  3. @silvermoon: I am glad that at least somebody read this and felt good! I was feeling really happy when I wrote this. I did not really mean for yearning to show through, but I guess putting my heart where my mouth is has it's disadvantages.

    Always a pleasure to have you visit.