Friday, September 30, 2005

Graceful retreat

Is it not strange,
The things which are,
Are the things which change,
As I travel from near to far.

I do not know why or what,
Changed from the past to now,
I asked, and no matter what I got,
I have it in me to do it again; Wow!

Two of all, a friend and a thing,
One helped to see me better,
The other helped find new meaning,
A precious life I was willing to fritter.

What I believe is me as is,
I do not ask you not to be,
If you are static in being this,
I shall downgrade to being me.

No more questions, no further ado,
Innocent fire is fanned,
I'll wait halfway though,
Should you ever need a helping hand.


  1. Do not be sad. I need happy people around me right now. :o) Cheer up!