Friday, September 09, 2005

Total Internal Reflection

Walls made of glass reflect,
Every ray of unwelcome light,
Invisible barriers fight illusory foes,
Winning gleefully with childish delight.

Silence guards the gates to a solitary realm,
Scaring away every ringing voice,
Resilient armies ward off surrendering enemies,
Conquering the harmless free by choice.

Unreachable unending roads lead the way,
Wearing out every traveling soul,
Enticing mists waylay innocent worlds,
Shredding into tiny parts a beautiful whole.


  1. aww cmon! it's a saturday morning ( or friday night when u posted) you have GOT to get into a more positive mood! *hugs* now smile! :o)

  2. if youre struggling with it.. let it go.. NOW.

  3. @sonia: *hugs* I am already :o)

    @grafx: Sigh! If only letting go was so easy... I am working on it though.