Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Snapped out

If only the world changed,
At the snap of my finger,
I would make it go back a few turns,
Not for a moment linger.

At things I have longed for,
Prayed for with earnest zeal,
In times I wanted to stay frozen,
Obstinate scabs that refuse to heal.

Stepped on a twig of dry wood.
Snap! It went out of sight,
Before I realized I could,
Break things without any might.

A green stem might have bent,
But dried up fancies do not dream,
Of heavens, they just relent,
Inside out at every seam.

If I snap back with spite,
I will never forgive me,
For I swore not to write,
Another word to foster thee.

Holding back was never so wrong,
Neither so hard, as is now,
Hearty laughs canter along,
Whatever might you endow.

Every time I look at it,
A snap of the could-have-been,
Surreal, yet so aptly fit,
Too perfect to be seen.

Every time I look away,
Run from it what-could-have-been,
Try as far as I can stay,
Meaning well without the mean.

Do you see a difference around?
Can any trace of it be found?
Everything is as it is,
Owners pride, hers or his.

Magical as exploding snap,
Enticing, one's follies trap,
Play to win but know hereby,
In tiny parts, a part will die.


  1. nice.. very nice
    even ur angst comes so beautifully worded

  2. *snap* *snap* cmon! u've been down and out long enuff! snap out of it and be happeeeee! *hugs*

  3. FR - i know...and im sorry..i really am...*hugs*...come back from where you are.....be yourself again...

  4. hey there, nice verses!! first time on ur blog, will check it regularly, see u...