Saturday, September 10, 2005

Difficult choices

Dancing flames,
Shining swords,
Swirling poison,
Scorching air,
Menacing looks,
Ominous curse,
Crushing power,
Blinding light,
Hideous thoughts,
Darkening hearts,

Warming fire,
Protecting swords,
Healing poison,
Soothing air,
Inviting looks,
Blessing curse,
Gentle power,
Resplendent light,
Tender thoughts,
Lambent hearts,

Why is this choice so difficult?


  1. hmm.. VERY Harry Potterish...

    i guess the dark wants its own...
    the light its power...
    each entity its world...
    til one wins...they will glower.

    *shut up grafx*

  2. @sonia: Oh it is! Everywhere I look it is written in clear words - still it is very hard to follow.

    @grafx: Now that I look at it again, it is indeed VERY Potterish! I must've been under the influence of an Imperius, for I did not realize it at the time of writing. But that does not make it any less true... or any less...

    *ok I'll shut up as well*

  3. It is not. At every single time, we do have a right choice very easily. It is a different matter though that right itself is so temporally variable...

  4. @rahul: Written out or not - the fact remains that the choice is never easy and because 'we cannot see beyond the choices we do not understand' - mostly things are very confusing!

    *That's what you get for following hollywood philosophies*

  5. because the path that leads to your destruction seems like a lot more fun.

  6. @mirage: a ummm... that's ok?

    @cactus: Precisely! Even if it does not seem a lot more fun - it sure does seem the easy thing to do (mostly).

  7. hmm.. dilemmatic-choice! :-) nice thought! everything got two sides..