Saturday, September 10, 2005

Resting in peace

I do not know about you, but I have found out that if you think for twenty-four hours continuously about the same thing, one of the following is certain - either you'll get a splitting headache or you'll end up in a very grumpy mood. That's the reason I was already in a bad mood on Friday afternoon. Besides it was almost time for lunch, so I was badgering S to leave his computer alone and come for lunch. He kept on saying, " another 10 minutes" and before I knew it, it was three o'clock and I was very hungry and very angry. So, I went for lunch alone. I had my dosa, all the time feeling as if I was the last person left on the planet, with just the sambar and coconut chutney for company. As I came out of the canteen, and walked by a bakery shop I got the distinct whiff of something freshly baked. Temptation was just the thing I needed, and so I yielded to a delicious looking cream roll. The weather was overcast - the sky puffed up with dark clouds had let loose a cool breeze. Cream roll in hand, I decided to go for a short walk. As I walked and talked to myself, I realized that I was more angry with myself than S. I was angry with myself for getting angry. When I got back, I found S agitated, running up and down the stairs, trying to get his salary slip somewhere. He took one look at me and asked, "Angry?" I just couldn't help breaking into a smile, and nodded him a vigorous no. Friends!

The evening had Spanish class again. I am getting better with it, but when the teach asked me, "Have you done the questions I gave for homework?" I nodded sideways, and said, "Yes." She, looking appropriately confused, broke into peals of laughter, as did Y beside me - and I could feel myself turning a deep shade of red. After the class, I had to run to the bus depot to catch the bus home. It was not there. There was no other bus either. I had to walk and walk and change two buses on the way to get home just in time for dinner. Mom's prawn curry! Heavenly and totally rejuvenating. I watched some TV and then had long chat with Y. Late into the night, after discussing the whole world from food, to Spanish, to impending marriage, to girlfriends, to crying in movies, I bid Y adieu. I had a half finished "Half Blood Prince" waiting on my bed. I read until 3 a.m. and then I apparated.

Today morning I got up really late, to the sounds of a late lazy Saturday morning coming from my verandah. With a breakfast of bread and eggs, I poured over every comic strip in the newspaper. It feels so good to be able to do... nothing! After working 24x5 the whole week, I feel I totally deserve my hours of nothingness. I helped Mom in the chopping of up some onions and peeled some garlic, and stirred a perfect chicken curry. Then I went back to Harry and Ginny "snogging," with Ron making up with Hermione. In the evening, we had guests - with them was this tiny 4-year-old bundle of energy. I spent the evening chasing R around the house, asking her ridiculous questions like, "Why are two of your teeth longer than the rest?" and "Why does the fan run and not get tired?" Her answer to all this was a lot of laughter peppered with very high-pitched screams. As I watched her playing in front of the dressing table, putting on puffs of talcum powder on her face, I felt so at peace with this mad, mad world.

And guess what? Tomorrow is Sunday!


  1. oh goody! a nice happy post! btw, how thw hell do u nod sideways??

  2. FR - {....} = NO!
    turn that vertical and thats a YES!


    *imitates a wobble head*

  3. @sonia: Trust me you can... and it can lead to all sorts of confusion :D

    @grafx: Lol! :D I know no! :))

  4. kids never fail to b cute - i can imagine her baneshee-like-wails,
    n Sundays r suppossed to b more lazy than Saturdays

    (btw how did u like HP6?)

  5. oh gosh, if u told me u were planning to have lunch at 3 i wud have joined u!

  6. @swathi: I quite liked it (but then I had it playing in my head) :) and I had a lazieeer Sunday still :D

    @cactus: :( It's jinxed I tell you ... it is!