Monday, September 05, 2005


Everybody came, everybody went,
And the world went around once again,
Narcissistic, I felt it revolved around me,
As I was the only thing not moving.

Lights lit up and went dark again,
And the candles melted into lumps of wax,
Magical, I felt blessed with an enchanted halo,
As I was the only thing left burning.

Sweet candies turned into bitter delights,
And the passion drained from draughts of lust,
Satiated, I felt filled up to the brim,
As I was the only thing still overflowing.

Thoughts materialized into puffs of smoke,
And the haze oozed into stone and wood,
Astral, I felt destined to rule,
As I was the only thing around, dreaming.


  1. you rule! for me... dreaming will be my only profession... had my yearly review.. GAH.. waaattt a day.

  2. @sonia: You have no idea!

    @grafx: Ya right! Dream on. Sho how many millions did you get as a pay hike ? :D

  3. I sometimes feel that things remain pretty much the same with me while everything else is whirring around. But, rather than feeling filled, it usually makes me feel small...

  4. What if, you moved with everybody, instead of standing still?

    What if u shone with the light instead of burning?

    What if you swam in ur passion instead of overflowing?

    And what if, you opened your eyes, instead of dreaming...?

  5. @rahul: Trust me - I know the feeling...

    @mirage: Ah the what ifs! The quintessential what if being:

    What if I was not me but someone else?

  6. million my @$$.....
    the fake boss was as usual his cool " im the boss!" self.. such!@!#@#$@$#@$@#$@#$%@$@~!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    *ok...will calm down now....*

  7. @grafx: :O! Don't worry. Me is sure you'll earn your millions in time :D Keep that smile right there :)

    @nomad: Thank you :o)