Sunday, October 02, 2005

Forgive me

I have thought many times within the past week of giving this up blog. Why? Because my life has turned upside down on its head in the past few weeks. Surely that is no fault of the blog. But it is the only thing over which I have total control. Actually that is also not true - as much as I have wanted to shut it down, I cannot bring myself to do it. It would mean burning down another bridge. I have burnt one too many already.

I do not even know the purpose of this post anymore. I do not have anything to say, nor do I have anyone to say it to. It is strange to run out of words like this.

I am not quite built for this. I feel too strongly. I think too much. I cannot think of more than one thing at a time. I tend to talk a lot with myself. I dream a lot. There should be some kind of ban on dreaming too much. It's not good for one's perception of reality.

Forgive me.

Klanti aamar khoma koro probhu,
Pothe jodi pichiye, pichiye podi kobhu.

Ei je hiya thoro thoro, kanpe aaji emontoro,
Ei bedona khoma koro, khoma koro probhu.
Pothe jodi pichiye, pichiye podi kobhu.

Ei deenota khoma koro probhu,
Peechon paane takayi jodi kobhu.

Deener taape roudro jaalay, shukay mala pujar thaalay,
Sei mlanota khoma koro, khoma koro probhu.
Pothe jodi pichiye, pichiye podi kobhu.


  1. ok FR, i knew you were coming to this with all ur graceful retreats and all. i don't want u to stop obviously. but if you'll be happier that way, go ahead. but keep in touch ok! you still have that treat pending! :o)*hugs*

    and i didn't understand a word of the poem. what language is that???

    why don't u create another blog and write about all that's happening in ur life that's turned it upside down( if you don't want us to know)? mebbe u'll feel better after siphoning it out and letting ur thoughts settle a bit. kinda like dumbledore's pensieve! :o)
    take care!

  2. By coming to this, do you mean stopping this blog? I am not going to do that. This blog is precious in more ways than one. Well, if I can fall in love with my bed - I can certainly fall for a blog :o) ! And I'll remember that treat always - I have a good memory especially when it concerns any form of chocolate!

    Whatever I feel like writing, I will write here. It is not going any place else.

    And about that poem - I am sorry. I knew some of my readers will not understand it. It is a song by Tagore in Bangla. I do not attempt to translate it because I will mess it up.


  3. hey. lotsa warm vibes being sent your way.

  4. @cactus: thanks pal! I need all the warm vibes I can get. :)

  5. What's happening with you? Whatever it is, it can't be that bad huh? And if it seems so, it will pass.

    Look at me, the day I got my present boss, my worries started. But now I have got used to the hassles.

    And are you a Bong? I love this song.

  6. @ab: What's happening to me... is something I am quite unable to understand at the moment.

    I am hoping too that it shall pass.

    Oh n yes I am a Bong !

  7. aah FR! this happens to be one of my fav rabindrasangeets...

  8. @stilts: Hey! Nice to have you back.