Monday, October 03, 2005

In hate with myself

Me, myself and I,
Weird combinations of the self, collide,
Every nook and corner I pry,
To find a grave and bury it inside.

The deeper I go, more it becomes scary,
Unknown voices, echo and sneer,
Trembling feet be ever so wary,
What demons lurk beneath this loving veneer.

Dark and lifeless, walls so strong,
Bar all bridges to trust, and how,
Surrender every right to every wrong,
I hate this me inside, now.


  1. don't then! stop right now. watever it is you don't like. and then stop hating.
    mebbe you should go and float in the water for sometime. i did that and felt ever so peaceful!

    take care!

  2. nothing is worth hating yourself for.

  3. This phase is certainly lasting it seems. Why don't you go treat yourself to some nice food? It might help and I am not joking:)

  4. @sonia: Float in the water? I do not know how!

    @cactus: I know.. and yet.

    @ab: I did, I did - treated myself to a Hot Chocolate Fudge! :o)

  5. what????? you can't float??? everyone can float! it's really easy! on the other hand, where are you gonna get enough water to float in in delhi! hmmm! go to kerala , or goa or anywhere else. That's it! take a break!

  6. plz come back to ur happier-self-blogging-hindi-mushy-numbahs :)

  7. @sonia: Take a break - I wish - I can't - not with so much left to be done.

    @swathi: Strangely all the hindi numbahs have turned melancholy as well...

  8. *smacks FR*... there.. no more chocolate coins for you...*;)

  9. @grafx: Wha!! You want me to cry some more??