Saturday, October 08, 2005

A Balancing Act

I cannot help but laugh,
At my state of affairs,
Pardon me on my behalf,
As I proceed with repairs.

First it was a `Do you?'
Which gave way to a `Why?'
Lost in a divine milieu,
Circumference remained 2r pie.

Then there was a `Why not?'
And finally a `When?'
Amidst all this I nearly forgot,
The number of times I had said amen.

Neither add nor can I subtract,
As I become my own tragic hero,
A heart I lent I cannot retract,
Forever, balance a perfect zero.


  1. :) very nice. Also liked the verse you left in Rapunzels comment box.

    cheers mate!

  2. :o) i like. *hugs* take care!

  3. @swb: Hey mate! Nice of you to drop by da blog.

    @sonia: :0) *hugs*

    @CJ: Hey hugs hugs! Hows u?

  4. hmmm....for once, i have nothing to say.

  5. @rapz: Hey! Bak after a long time... and that too without anything to say :o)

  6. First Rain-blame it on an over active imagination and the inclination to read between lines;-) and assume that i know what u r talkin abt :) and my feeling that it is a very delicate issue indeed :) have i lost u as usual??:p

  7. You do? Maybe you do. I am not even sure if the issue exists anymore. No, you haven't quite managed to lose me this time! :P