Monday, October 31, 2005

Did someone ask the bomb?

Ever since I was picked,
With the red wire and the green,
I knew the clock that ticked,
Wished as much I had not been.

It was inevitable then,
I cannot help my living death,
Was decided the day when,
Bartered I was for some innocent's breath.

I was left alone, in the shadow,
Dark in the middle of cheerful light,
People overflowing in the narrow,
Unaware of their fatal plight.

Helpless, I see a kid smile,
Run closer to me in frolicking play,
How do I warn him of intentions vile,
Tell him to get away!

The countdown ends in an inside spark,
Ripping me through all around,
And though I light up every dark,
I cannot hear a single sound.

The roaring blast of heated air,
Life freezing in a fiery blaze,
Even though I cannot spare,
I liked that kid's trusting ways.

If that is what I take with me,
Trust lost by my living gain,
Some body stop those wiring me,
I never want to live again.


  1. i'm glad you're ok. *hugs* i would have called you if i could have. take care!

  2. dude...i was worried...thank god you decided to stay in..

    im sure that bomb feels really awful now..

  3. Who couldve thought the festive cheer would turn into such unspeakable devastation...

    Glad ur okay. Take care

  4. Btw, amazing poem. In my mom's words, "hats off to ur imagination"!

  5. it musta been horrid.are all ur loved ones safe aquie??

  6. *A Big bear hug to all of you* Me and my family are fine. One of my friends has not been so lucky though. May God give peace, courage and sanity to all of us. Have a safe Diwali everyone.

  7. @mirage: A huge `Thank You' for your Mom! :o)

  8. @CJ: Hey miss ya too :o)! Have a safe Diwali.

  9. hey aquie hope u had a great diwali.

  10. @rapz: Had a nice, quite diwali with the family :o)