Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Where are you tonight?

Tonight I am lost,
In dark, circuitous lanes of my wayward mind,
Where are you, O light of innocent dawn,
Saviour of my cursed kind.

Tonight I am afraid,
With uncertain tremors of a failing heart,
Where are you, O calm of virgin morn,
Manifest whole in my every part.

Tonight I am restless,
With blind lust of a passionate kiss,
Where are you, O rage of fiery noon,
Drops of joy in my distilled bliss.

Tonight I am alone,
In the echoing facades of my solitary prison,
Where are you, O twilight's muse,
Reason beyond my most logical reason.

Tonight I am tired,
Of endless toil to fulfill my destiny's share,
Where are you, O tryst of lovelorn eve,
Kindness incarnate in my trivial care.

Tonight I am dying,
Of a wasted life and murdered faith,
Where are you, O cohort of velvet night,
Spark divine in my mortal wraith.


  1. Lovely! Sad though. But Lovely!

  2. *Bow*

    You...are one helluva poet!

  3. @sonia: Gracias, Señorita! And I agree - quite sad infact.

    @swati: Merci, Mademoiselle!

    @mirage: Ahem! Okay if this is a ploy to get a chocolate treat - you are succeeding ;o). Thank You.

  4. so much longing ...bliss doesnt come easy does it...

    Tonight i am reborn
    into a black faceless present
    here i am, a beacon in the dead of night,
    i see your face unfurling,promising...nascent.

  5. @grafx: No, it does not. And it is not getting any easier either.

  6. Tell her what a bad gal she is;-)