Friday, November 04, 2005

Beyond reach

Hands going cold in my sweating palm,
In this fickle world, you are my steadfast mooring.

Heaving breaths drawing life from a plastic tube,
The air touching you, still blooms of spring.

Weak, blanched lips, quivering with every word,
Your passion to live still scorches.

Lying amidst white sheets in a sterilized bed,
You still shine like a thousand torches.

Eyes brimming with drops of pain,
Every ounce of your strength flows anew,

Stay, please, do not let go yet,
Where will I find another you?

She did not stay a second more,
Raced infinitely far ahead,

The world stopped living then,
Everything was dead.


  1. Death didnt end her life
    she's on another journey
    Far from worldly bindings
    she's set herself free...

  2. alright.. tell me right now.. whats going on?!!!why all this talk of death etc etc.. wheres FR?,,, what have you done with FR?... hello?... where did you put him>?... put him back please!!

  3. Stay, please, do not let go yet,
    Where will I find another you?
    isn't that just like us humans!

  4. @mirage: True. But letting go is probably the hardest thing to do.

    @grafx: Hello! Is somebody looking for me? I was out buying chocolates.

    @sonia: At least I am still human on some counts!