Monday, November 28, 2005


Born to my hours of solitude,
And to my moments of upset calm,
Was a bonny boy, in the pink of health,
Adding a dash of red to my dying charm.

He grew fast and he grew strong,
Carried me over despair's peak,
Yet something in there alarmed me so,
I dared not protest in a voice meek.

Soon he channeled all my thought,
Away in crevices of joyous rage,
As my last hope of survival,
I decided to let the battle wage.

Days on end I fought with him,
Brutal, unceasing, blow by blow,
Bludgeoned him to his bloody grave,
Till a whimper of life he ceased to show.

Free at last of his sinuous spell,
I lay down, calm in my victory's fold,
Slowly as it dawned on me,
My beating heart froze, ice-cold.

Merriment and anguish found a place,
Shame and worry crept back inside,
A part which never came back to life,
The missing due, was what had died.

Armed with a sword of treacherous trust,
Shielded by my gullible peace,
I had killed my anger with my own two hands,
Now, the mocking laughter refuses to cease.


  1. lovely man-reminds me of t s eliot's poems-the ones filld wid wit and in rhythmic couplets...keep it up buddy

  2. congratulations! u managed to defeat ur most dangerous enemy!

    Great work man!

  3. was searching the net for trivia on main meri patni aur woh and read your thoughts which mentioned the song -- dub jana re, even as i was humming the song myself. coincidence maybe but a brilliant song.

  4. @cherub: Why thank you!

    @mirage: Though sometimes its good to get angry... now I feel a bit too placid!

    @anwesha: If I make that challenge do I have the courage and the faith to see it through?

    @russel: Yep! Me loves the song too.