Friday, December 09, 2005

The Power to Dream

A life I chose,
Of loving those,
Very animated few,
And in lieu,
I gave up being normal.

Streaks of calm,
A star-crossed palm,
Flavour my bewitched brew,
Searching for that ever new,
I fell in love with the search.

Sleepless nights and burnt out days,
Breathless years of ceaseless chase,
Focused on that single spot,
As I joined dot after dot,
I gave birth to my inner child.

Paused now, and standing tall,
As I wait for a tumbling fall,
Burn, and let the ashes rise to see,
To reach for that realm of fantasy,
I am ready to create again.

To everybody who has stood by me all these years and seen me through my madness. I hope each and every one of you get to live your dreams. Thank you!


  1. definately are a phoenix...
    i wish i HAD stood by you all those years.

  2. oh hey! i was reading my comment and i think it sounds like i "stood by you all those years" and i'm saying thanks to you too!! i was just sayin thanx for writing so beautifully! it gives me hope. so thank yoU!

  3. hmmm....its becoming increasingly difficult to keep pace with your moods FR....glad to know you are rising from the ashes though :)

  4. I didnt see u go mad buddy...maybe coz u made a lotta sense! :)

    Take care

  5. @sonia & @sonia: *Hugs* and that's just for being you. Hope you'r feeling better now.

    @grafx: Yipeee! You'r back! Ahem... It's enough for me that you are here now. Never mind `all those years' which went by, just be there for `all those years' which are yet to come... :o) *Hugs*

    @rapz: Aha! But the mood has so many myriad pulls and pushes that make it go this way n that. Can't really help it! :D Not that anybody would know `the moods' better than you :P

    @mirage: Maybe being mad has got nothing to do with making sense. Or maybe you are just as mad! :P

  6. yeah, i'm a bit better now. thank you! *hugs*