Wednesday, May 31, 2006


Naked words cower
in fear and cold,
Of a world
drunk in power.

Soothing rain falls
on flesh and paper,
Breaking free lives
bound in walls.

A monochromatic hue
of shadowed lights,
Burns and flows again
in colours of red and blue.


  1. ooh new layout! i like!!
    the header is kinda pixelated still.. so are the words.. might wanna work on that.

    i like this layout much better!! :D

  2. @grafx: Pixelation is deliberate. I reduced the colors in the palette (made it 8bit). :)

  3. ok..hmm.. just thought it looked a bit jagged.. oh well. must be my screen then.. :)

  4. ok i must be really crazy but.. your sketch looked like a mirror image of the pic you were inspired by....isnt that....copying?

  5. @grafx: Well, I actually drew it on paper with a pencil and then scanned it and then colored it - its not just mirrored in photoshop! But I guess in a way it's a copy - but it's ok to copy out a painting, no? Also, my sketch is not a perfect copy - the original is more graceful - so I said inspired, instead of copied, and I did credit the original.

    I have a higher res version of the header too, but I want to keep it like this.

  6. accha, ok...was just making a suggestion...i was just thinking.. that if it was in the form of ripples.. that the words would be know....coz the rest of this blog looks nice and smooth...and the rippled words are done nicely too...oh well...

  7. ah my gad did you do something.. looks much better now!!...more raindroppy!!! :D

  8. wow! loved the image! :)


  9. Oooooh! I like the new fashion for your blog!

  10. First Rain,
    Gentle but strong advice. You have opened yourself up to a lawsuit.

    Legally, you should remove the image you altered. Although I realize you did not intend to do so because you thought "crediting her was enough",you have indeed violated copyright law. This is serious and a major issue on the internet as well.

    I'm an artist besides a writer. Crediting the original is not enough legally. You infringed upon copyright laws.

    Here is a quote from one art source on this legal matter, although the info is widely available on the net:

    "But there is a second kind of art theft that is far more damaging--the unauthorized alteration, reproduction, or distribution of images.

    When images are reproduced without permission the artist does not receive proper recognition or compensation for his or her creativity and labor.

    When images are altered without the artist's permission, the artist's intentions for display are ignored. For this reason, strict laws have been designed to protect the rights of artists, and unauthorized reproduction or alteration can have grave legal and financial consequences. Often fans feel that is flattering to the artist when they embellish his or her work but, in fact, unless the artist has given permission it is both disrespectful and illegal. (Imagine how you'd feel if you'd carefully painted or decorated your home exactly as you wanted it but, sometime during the night, a stranger dropped by and made changes that they thought looked "better".) A painting is the very personal expression of one individual and it belongs to that person alone. That's why respecting the artist's wishes isn't just good etiquette, it's the law."-

  11. @grafx: Yep, I replaced the header image.

    @prerona: Thanks!

    @silvermoon: It's gone. Thanks for the advice.

  12. WOW! Some(one)'s lookin good! ;) Awesome template man! and that pic on the top seems rather familiar... cant place it tho. Anyway, great poem, as always! Keep it up! :)

  13. @mirage: :D Thanks! Familiar? Now, I can guarantee all images/drawings are one hundred percent original!

  14. @ silvermoon - you spoke my mind girl.... :)

  15. @grafx: Oye - speaking one's mind is very good and all - but what about the new sketch, expert? :P

  16. seriously awesome! loved the pics and the words both. really nice :)

  17. me likes!!! VERY nice!! i lov the way youve done the shoes and the lines on the clothes..

    *two thumbs up!*

  18. nice fresh feel to the place..just like the first rains that im enjoying at my place.

  19. @prerona: Thanks dear! :)

    @grafx: :D *big wide griiin* thankoo!

    @desperado: Yep, the weather's awesome at my place too!

  20. hey some long time since i visited this place...
    its cool n awesome
    loved this place more than any...
    hats off....

  21. @sophie: Danke! :o) Tried to make it kinda comfy... hmmm.. like home. Do keep visiting.

  22. Here after very long.liked the new look...and the words were soothing to say the least!