Monday, June 05, 2006

If it ends, before...

Beads of anxious sweat
washed with chaotic rain
Make me want to reach out
for you again


It might be that tomorrow
I'll see your smile
But what if the sun doesn't
Ever shine on my lonely isle

A week might be the blessed time
When you would touch my heart
But what if by then I have
Already played out my mortal part

Perhaps in a few months
Life would lead me to you
But what if the months left
Are lesser than those few

Years on years, I can wait
If it is you who mark their end
But what if by the end of time
There is no more time left to spend

If in another life it is to be
I'll survive this one, alone, insane
But what if after I give it up
I forget how to live again


Drops of frightened tears
mixed with the soothing rain
Make me want to reach out
and find me again


  1. This was AWESOME! Really Awesome! It was really cool. :)

    "Make me want to reach out
    and find me again"

  2. sigh...are you....have you...will you...


    i can shut up if you want!!

  3. @prerona: Thanks! Melancholy gets the better of me at times... errr... rather make that mostly! :)

    @grafx: Still, what? Shut up? Why? I don't like being afraid. I don't like it at all.

  4. waddaya afraid about now!?!?

  5. @grafx: Sigh! What's the use. I have to deal with it. One way or another.

  6. :) great new look - truly! be happy p :)

  7. achcha so get it over with now...and then be happy! likw cactus jump told you to!!! hahahah :D

  8. @cactus: :o) Glad u liked it. Am trying to!

    @grafx: One of these days...

  9. Wow! This is so poignant, I ache for you. I wish bright stars in your future.