Sunday, June 11, 2006

Don't envy me

Are you surprised, dear friend?
To find me standing still,
When all but the last leaf has fallen,
To be blown away over yonder hill.

He should be gone by now, you think,
Washed away by the drying rain,
Into rivulets of virgin streams,
Soaked dry amidst the rolling plain.

Ah! But don't envy me, my kindred friend,
As I flirt with the truant winter squall,
Allow a withering birch another arrogant ring,
Witness to times stolen from a bygone fall.

From orient lands where you now dwell,
Rises the sun which on me once shone,
'Tis now only a relentless foe,
Spring madness I must bear alone.

O friend of my youthful past,
Soon must be the dictates of age obeyed,
'N though my ashes be lost in summer dust,
Memories, brimming with nigh magical shade.


  1. Your poetic frenzy is touching new heights.

  2. First (of sorts) visit here! I dont read much poetry but looks like you are inspiring me :)

  3. I'm speechless...

    I have to envy your poetic skills!

  4. your fourth verse describes things very well for my own rather potty situation.


    very prettily put. It's sometimes almost obscene how poetry can prettify pain. na?

  5. u got me drenched
    in the rain

  6. n hav to ask u- don u think uve missed out on acid rain??? that too is a dimension of life...
    loved the layout and bloggerhead.

  7. @prerona: :0)

    @jan: is it?

    @grey: Why sort of? Welcome! And the thought that I can inspire anybody to do anything is completely flattering! :D

    @mirage: Oooh don't... just keep writing yourself! :o)

    @h: Welcome! Yes it is - but then that's the point of most poetry can speak so much more, when it wants to.

    @sophie: Though its lovely to be drenched, but don't catch a cold. :P

    @dim: Welcome n glad u liked the layout! Acid rain... hmmm will give that one some thought.

  8. Absolutely boss.Golden heights.

  9. Time for a new one, dontcha agree with me? ;)

  10. Nice! The diversity of your writing entries is always a pleasure.

  11. hey 'am back here after a haitus n luv ur new skin for the blog..

    n watz with 'virgin streams' , u r as usual at ur poetic best

  12. Hey boss the wait for your next marvel is turning into an eternity.

  13. This parched place is in dire need fresh raindrops.

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