Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Food poisoning

A stomach growls in hunger
After sinuous travels through the Deccan
Hot and weary, the train's AC coach
Seems to envelope me in a magical quilt

Piping hot, aaaah! Food after twelve hours
Satiated, for home draws near
Familiar sounds fill the humid air
Walk down a deserted road, to the very edge

Of a comforting bed, lies, giving of warmth
On a night riddled with power cuts
Plunged into tired sleep, I pass out
Only to find my legs gone the next morning

Cannot stand. Cannot sit. Cannot eat
Pangs of hurt clutch my insides
Punctuated by answers to nature's call
Slow fever creeps all over, shivering

Nervous. As I call the boss. No work today
Ochre coloured tablets, punched out of plastic
Administer a cure, as the legs slowly wander back
Reminded of the gears, which will not turn

Without me. After many attempts, here I am
Away from home again, fine tuning machinery
Thinking and weak, from my travels
and the travails of poisoned food


  1. ok, now i definitely don't envy you!

  2. Hope you had a good trip and that you are feeling better now!

  3. hope u r alive and kicking now?

  4. Hope u are alive,kicking and writing.

  5. hey FR, Hope you get well soon. I will be visiting Delhi next week and just remembered that you owed me a treat :p. Anyways, I would like to meet you if you are around.

  6. @prerona: Hmmmm?

    @sonia: You shudn't anyway :D

    @grey: Yeah, the trip was great. I am much better now. Thank you!

    @stilts: Hey! How are you? I am alive, and kicking...

    @jan: ...and would be back to writing, soon. :o)

    @treefrog: Thanks! Drop in a mail when you are here, and we'll fix up a meet ( and mix up a treat :D ).

  7. ah. the melodrama of diarrhoea.

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  9. Oh, 1st Rain,
    How utterly dreadful! Food poisoning is ghastly. I know that firsthand.

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