Sunday, July 23, 2006

Who's Weird? It's just me!

Who says I am weird?
Not at all, no siree,
Maybe a little rough at the edges,
But I am just plain ol' me.

I like to talk,
When there is no one around,
Echoes alive inside my head,
Just for the want of coherent sound.

Maybe sneak in a dream or two,
Between chatting with them and you,
Extrapolations of my reality,
Moments of an imagined life, too less, too few.

When Simba's father died in a stampede,
I cried,
Also, when the boy finally got the girl,
I didn't. But at least I tried.

Do you know words paint pictures?
And that colours scream and speak and sing?
I sing too, though nobody cares
to appreciate my very musical zing!

I find Angelina as gorgeous
as the falling skies of certain Gaulish fame
and the curved pleats of spacetime,
Pardon me! But I just forgot your name.

Always check a lock twice,
Except when I forget the key,
Never remember a face the first time,
Except when enchanted I'd rather be.

So it is, with all in me,
A bit knocked about heres and theres,
I'd discuss this more,
But I have run out of chocolate eclairs.


  1. here!! brought some back from CAL for ya!

  2. @grafx: Oh thank ye! But you don't get any more information - you already know enuf ! :P

    @stils: Well... you asked for it!

    @prerona: :o)

  3. i wasnt ASKING you for any...* meahahahah..i KNOW the truth serum in chocolate will make you talk* giggle meahahaha

    ok...ill eat some too haan.

  4. @grafx: :O I'll take the chocolates and eat them when I am alone! So there! :P

  5. Weird? Naah...I'd say ur absoultely normal!! ;)

  6. ooof. foiled again..sigh.

    fine..snifff..dont talk to me..leave me hhanging and all that...

  7. @mirage: :D Thanky eeeu! *grin*

    @grafx: lollz! Now, now... don't sulk. How is it possible? Not talking to you, I mean!

  8. Dropped in but dry...
    Enjoy these revelations
    Hope you'll stop by sometime
    Not seen you for a while
    (Grafx still visits me, guilt guilt... ;)

  9. @silvermoon: Not that I feel guilty... and I do visit you from time to time, I haven't done that for some time now. Let me find my way back :o)

  10. gasp! he doesnt feel guilty for not visiting you "for some time now"....

  11. @cactus: It's a pleasure to see you back on my blog :o)

    @grafx: Aha! I am faster than you think :P

  12. You think you're weird because of the things you put in as proof in your poem?

    Now, that's weird. You sound as normal as I am. :P

  13. supposedly the best weirdo poem in the blogsphere...