Monday, July 31, 2006

Jigar ma badi aag hai

Laakad jalke koyla hoye jaaye,
Koyla hoye jaaye khaakh.
Jiya jale to kuch na hoye re
Na dhuan, na raakh.

Jiya na jalayio re.*

Thus spake the song in Omkara. The words translate to:

Burning wood turns into coal,
Coal burns to a dusty mishmash.
Nothing remains of a burning heart,
Neither smoke, nor ash.

Do not burn the heart.

I came back and wrote to a friend who is going through a rough patch herself, "I am such a sentimental idiot, and I keep telling you not to do such things. How hypocritical of me!" I guess you are wondering what, on heaven or earth, is the relation between between my idiocy and Vishal Bharadwaj's adaptation of Othello. The answer is Jealousy.

Oh yes! The green eyed monster has been a chum of mine in the past. And he (or should I say she?) is very possessive of his friends. Somebody asked me whether I think what the hero does in the film is justified. Now, I am the most unsuitable person to argue over Shakespeare! Justified or not, I do know it is quite possible. Rage can blind people to reason, just like love can.

Chat par aakar gidh baithe,
Aur barnalo se khoon bahe,
Are kaun gira hai, kaun kata hai,
Kis mah dum hai kaun kahe.

Chakke choot gaye dushman ke,
Dharti maange chutkara.


It is not that I even remotely identify with the ruthless, cold-blooded protagonist of this story but the movie brought back feelings I thought I had murdered and buried deep inside. It seems so ridiculous now that I should have these inside me, but friend Jealousy obviously scorched his mark deeper than I thought. Ah well! I guess it'll die its own death, in its own time.

Well, don't waste your time reading up about my jumbled up state of being! Have a blast watching the movie, instead. It's a visual treat at times, and at other times you have aural treats like:

Na gilaaf,
Na lihaaf,
Thandi hawa bhi khilaaf, sasooorri!
Itni sardi hai kisi ka lihaaf layile
Ja padosi ke chulhe se aag layile.

Beedi jalayile jigar se piyaaa,
Jigar ma badi aag hai.*

* All the lyrics are written by Gulzar, and are from the movie Omkara, directed by Vishal Bharadwaj


  1. nice post!!
    true! jealousy can break the happiest of relations...n the heart wch houses envy cant be happy for long...but thn again , its one of the things in life wch r inevitable n afterall we only humans:)
    reminds me of the song: "zindagi ke safar mein guzar jate hain..."

    thrs a para wch says
    **aankh dhoka hain,
    kya bharosa hain,
    shak dosti ke naam ka dushman hain, ise apne dil mein ghar basane na do...
    tadapna pade yaad mein jinke , unhe roklo ...unko jaane na do.
    baad mein chahe unko bhejo hazaron paigam...
    woh phir nahi aate, woh phir nahi aate** :)
    nice movie (omkara)liked it

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  3. i really liked the movie, and my favouritest song is jag ja:

    jag ja re gudiya,
    misri ki pudiya
    meetha lage do naina
    naino mein tere hum hi base the,
    hum hi base hain

    and that line about dasrath ka vaada... so beautiful!

  4. i suffer from post-breakup jealousies which is weird in its own quirky way, that tends to be a spoiler for the new relation as you are with MssX but you are jealous that MissY is not there but is with Mr Z. complicated

  5. Hmmm... the green eyed monster has been everyone's friend at one time or another!

  6. hmm. didnt read it properly bcz ive been dying to see the movie for ages and am petrified of spoilers ... all 3 of my fav men in the same movie ... just imagine!!!


    anyway, 'back home' to where?

  7. @pri: Thankoo! Break a relationship - yeah - thankfully for me that was not the case. But whatever it was, was not very good either.

    @sonia: :o)

    @jhantu: I believe this is the first time you are here. Welcome! Lollz... you've not even scratched the surface there.

    @essar: I guess so. I doubt though everybody harbours obsessions. Or maybe I am wrong.

    @prerona: Oh the post has no spoilers - was quite careful about that :D Didn't get your parting question though.

  8. @pri: The song that you mentioned - I remember it by heart :o) Unfortunately, jinki yaad main tadapna padta hai unhe hamesha rokna possible nahi hota.