Wednesday, August 02, 2006


I got a gift of tears,
Tears that don't flow,
Well up and dry inside,
Isn't that enough though?

A truant drop escapes,
Over cheeks made raw,
With repeated wipes,
Is it too late to withdraw?

A palette of dreams,
Spilled over with care,
Mix with the tears,
Paint now, do I dare?

Smiles and words adorn,
Solid walls worn down,
By a core of seeping damp,
Still want a house in this town?

Wisps of vapour, leftovers,
Of the splendid gift,
Rust shackles I made,
To be harboured, or cut adrift?

When everything is gone,
To dust and times of yore,
The gift renews itself,
To be forgotten, or remembered ever more?

I got a gift of tears,
Tears that will flow,
Free from guilt or shame,
Is that enough though?


  1. heyy thts beautiful!:) straight frm the heart isnt it?:)...

  2. @pri: From the heart? Yes, it is! :o)

    @grafx: They are? They seem to be pretty faithful though.

  3. Its amazing that ur comparing tears to a gift...never really looked at it that way :| But now when I think of it, you're right...

    Take care

  4. I hope those sensitive waters escape and show soon to cleanse your heart and soul.
    Even your comment on my site was so poignant, I was in awe. Thank you. (Now my voice is up on my site, not to make you feel pressured or anything... *winnk*)

  5. Very very melancholic! Hope you are doing okay...

  6. @mirage: Hey, how are you doing girl! Nice to see you back to blogging.

    @silvermoon: Thank you! I'll visit and listen in soon ... :o)

    @grey: It is - because I was. I am fine. Thank you. :o)

  7. even better than ur other posts - which is saying something! i'm loving it :)

  8. @prerona: It is? Thank you! But don't tell me this means I've got to find still better things to write - I don't know if I have them :D