Sunday, August 27, 2006

I met a Smile

A sweat lined day,
Melts and flows by,
On a slow evening,
A journey begins.

On foot, and a mile,
Roads filled with sounds,
Of a city turning back,
A bus meanders.

As a phone calls,
Unknown face of a voice,
One wonders, and walks,
An auto agrees.

A few minutes more,
Of hesitant talk,
Symmetry in red stone,
A head turns.

Steps which draw close,
Hands meet to shake,
Twinkling eyes, mischief?
A coffee brews.

A cool room with people,
Red chairs for two,
Tall glasses condense air,
A smile breaks.

Talk, as never spoken to,
Weave with words,
A person, within,
The smile stays.

Silent storms beckon,
Drops of first rain,
To fall, and break free,
The journey renews.


  1. and i hope that smile stays with you :)

  2. @grafx: Smiles have a way of evaporating the minute I turn my back.

  3. wonderful ... loved this bit specially ... As a phone calls,
    Unknown face of a voice,
    One wonders, and walks,
    An auto agrees.

  4. Just remembered that you stay in Delhi. Please try and come for the Bloggers' Meet on Saturday. Check my blog for details. :)

  5. "A sweat-lined day" is a great way to begin a poem. Liked reading this one. Had stopped by to invite you to the meet, but stayed to read!

  6. Well you couldve just looked in the mirror...n met your smile! :)

    Wish ya lots more!

    Take care

  7. hey, you can't smile all the time, but remember this one thenext time you're not. *hugs*

  8. @river: Thanks you for the invit - but I simply could not escape the boss this Saturday. Nice to have you drop in.

    @mirage: :D Ah! But this one is different. Hope you are doing well.

    @sonia: You are back!!!! *hugs*