Monday, May 08, 2006

Of french kisses and hens

I should have written this right after I saw the movie. Now the effects have worn off a bit. Also, now I guess I am a bit concerned about what you might think about me after you read this.

Ha! Gotcha!

I have had a post pending for almost two years now. It was supposed to be the fifth post on this blog. It's been there so long and I've never quite felt like completing it. Between that time and now, I've been through so much, and I've feel like I've lost bits n pieces of me here and there. But yesterday, I felt a part of me come back to me. I was playing the 5th on my TV's remote, when I landed a French Kiss. It's such a wonderful, gem of a movie. Of course it has Meg Ryan, which heavily does it for me. It's all there, in the small twitch at the corner of her lips. Now you have to get me talking on really mushy stuff to understand how I feel about that. But it's how warm chocolate syrup would feel if poured on you on a really chilly day. Yummy! I am glad that I can still feel like this. I thought... well never mind that.

Another thing which happened after a long time on Saturday afternoon was that I cried in a dream. I know it for sure because I woke up in the middle of it, all teary eyed and ravenously hungry!

Banished to the recess of my dreams,
You can still make me cry
tears from my unspent clouds,
Virgin, salty, the season's first rain.

It feels good to be able to live at peace with oneself. It's hard earned peace, paid for with more than I care to write now.

I have been getting lots of post ideas like the one about my football which came under a taxi and went BOOM! And one about another sketch I made, but I am thoroughly enjoying acting laaazy! On another note, someone once remarked I sound like a chick rather than a guy, on my blog. My question to that person is that since I also happen to prefer the feminine gender sexually, does that make me a lesbian? Most interesting thought, actually!

Pardon Me! For being just
me, when I could have been
you instead, had I not seen
reflected in your diamond sheen
myself, coated in your lust.

I was driving to work today morning, with my head filled with such higher-order intellectual deliberations, when all of a sudden the traffic came to a halt on the highway. After craning my neck out of the window of my merc-disguised-as-maruti800 to check what was the cause of the trouble, I found the most enthralling scene on the road. A man was trying to catch his runaway murgi(aka hen) in the middle of the road! All the cars, the DTC bus, the container-truck, even the disinterested cow had ceased all movement, so that the hen could make a clean getaway. As soon as the hen was off then road, the traffic moved so fast, the man-behind-the-hen almost got run-over.


Luke: All right, I'll give it a try.
Yoda: No, no try. Do... or do not. There is no try.
Luke: I do not believe it!
Yoda: That is why, you fail.


  1. i dont like warm chocolate being poured on me.. i prefer to eat it with a spoon... or a shovel... err. or.. a bucket...actually no.. id like to jump right into it...

    there.. youve converted me.

    you win 40 chocolate walnut brownie points.

    * oh god im so hungry now* and i just got back from aerobics class.. * runs after FR with a broom*

  2. @grafx: Ha! To even think you could resist a dip in chocolate - how presumptuous of you! :P

    Oooh oh and oh, now I hab a hunred points miss! Can I exchange dem for a ..ummm... more chocolate! ;D

    *aaiyooo! what did I do?*

  3. french kiss... hmm.. not one of my favorite movies.. and meg ryan now is just a pair of really big, botoxed lips to me.

    but yeah, crying... hmm... I always thought there was something hot about guys who cried... not like boohoohoo bawling, but like tears. I'm sick, aren't I?

  4. @scout: I saw her on Oprah a few days back, didn't look her old self, but didn't look bad either. Anyway, for me it's always gonna be her smile and I like all her movies (well, almost all!).

    Sick? Nopes! You are just an anomaly ... and a good one at that! :D