Tuesday, March 21, 2006

An unfinished painting

A blank. An inviting expanse of untouched white.

First splashes of a tender green giving birth to a new life. A light blue of the first drizzle of the season nurturing it.

Miles and miles of golden sand, daring the sun to outshine it across a parched desert only to surrender at the feet of the solitary palm of an oasis.

Brown crusts of broken soil, thirsty, with mouths open wide which scream a deafening silence.

Wild grass caught in flames which dance to the tune of the gallivanting wind. Blackened ash following a line of mad orange, cutting across buttered forests.

The black rising in clouds of smoke.

Crying black clouds. Tears, salty, serenaded by thunder, waltzing with the lightning.

A spark etching on a copper plate. Tattooed on skin. A fine hatch of crimson lines texturing a brain.

Blue veins of life. Nerves of steel.

Silver steel rafters mixing with the gray strength of brutish concrete. Structures hewn by sheer power. Metaled roads to lost lands.

A land of memories. A never setting radiant sun.

Divine beauty and mortal pain. Light of a rainbow touch.

The touch of a hand. Skin on skin.

Calm. Wilderness. Freedom. Red.

The red of promise. Lips holding a cherished kiss.

A smile of pink, and fluttering eyelashes.

A glance of violet, a scorn.

Deepening rounds of a haloed anguish. Distances.




  1. Very ironical...

    Hope ur doin ok...take care

  2. @mirage: I am doing fine. Thank you!

    @sines: That too...