Wednesday, March 15, 2006


All my life, in all my time,
Just a question, may I?
Accused of every heinous crime,
I've never asked a single why.

I bow as always, but know this now,
Never born of a pristine heart,
Was cunning malice, I can vow,
Erased so thoroughly, part by part.

I'll die a horrible death,
For I trust not what I know inside out,
But with every single strand of my breath,
I'll not live, but I'll shout.

Don't pity me, nor waste a passing thought,
For I do not exist anymore,
These lines are destined to rot,
Selling me off as misery's whore.

I still survive for I cannot kill,
It is not mine to give or take,
Not worthy of being hated still,
Do not mock me, nor call me fake.

Can I stoop any lower? Yes I can!
Surely that is common knowledge then,
Cruel as I am for being born a man,
I am the most cursed of all men.

Condemned if I be for acting so,
God, don't forgive me today,
I'll at least get to know,
Some one hears me pray.

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