Monday, March 13, 2006

Punctuating Me

Serpentine endless list
of flowing emotion
you are my comma
of separation

Boundless clauses
of wayward sensibilities
you are my semicolon
of connection

Reference to the summary
of pointless existence
you are my colon
of beginning

Doubtless hesitation born
of sure confidence
you are my question mark
of answers

Interrupted thinking
of unsure opinion
you are my ellipsis
of continuation

Determined command
of innocent curiosity
you are my exclamation mark
of astonishment

Stammering meaning
of incomplete compounds
you are my hyphen
of clarity

Obsessive possession
of contracted reality
you are my apostrophe
of plurals

Abbreviated incarnation
of everything me
you are my full stop
of finality


  1. @sophia: Hi. Welcome to my blog. Glad that you liked it. Keep visiting.

    @sines: Am flattered.. thanks!

  2. Brilliant use of punctuation marks to "mark" your own "passage" in life. It's evident how much mathematics and physics plays a central role in your life by the decisive and logical patterns and rhythm to your poem. Oh, how that works well here! I enjoy how you weave and reveal metallic threads of creativity and emotion among your very logical mind. I, too, am artistic and scientifc. This poem pierced through me with strong quotation marks and parts of me life in parentheses hovering in the recesses fo my memory.

    P.S. Regarding your recent comment on my blog, please don't *ever* be concerned about talking about yourself on my blog. That's what blogs are for: a way of bringing out the feelings and opinions swirling (or festering) within. Hey, I could apologize for the fact that I was too tired to discuss the relation of quantum physics to the aesthetics and mythology depicted by the sculptures (I'm an artist and a scientist), but instead I typed "stats" which is obviously (lots of OTHER formulas). I dont analyze on blogs of those people I don't know well. That was a superb post of a different nature than this poem that I have now read 5 times and enjoyed each time.