Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Chariots of Fire

"...with hope in our hearts and and winds on our heels." And so begins a story of a few brave men who rode on the Chariots of Fire. Harold Abrahams and Eric Liddell, two men, who above all else wanted to run and to win. Armed with fantastic musical score which lights up the heart with the flame of the human spirit, this movie tells the beautiful story of these two British gold medalists of the 1924 Paris Olympic games, who ran not with their feet but with their hearts. It shows all that is noble and inspiring about sports, and how it means different things to different masters of the same craft. Liddell runs because he believes that it is God who has given him this gift, and that to run true and run fast is to revel in the glory of the Lord. Abrahams on the other hand sees his talent as the means to overcome and run to the ground the stigma which he perceives in society against his Semitic origins.

A movie is like a race in some form, it has to run, and by the time it ends if it can move you to cheer for the same cause for which it runs, I think it has won the race. I did. I cheered for both these men and even cried a tear or two when they crossed the finish line.

I think, this is what it is all about in the end. All our lives. All our loves. All our work. All our passions. All our races. The sheer joy of running the race with all our heart. And to try the best we can, to win. And win we shall, if we believe in whatever we do. For then we shall all ride, in the Chariots of Fire.


  1. was a nice read.. ya the only thibg w can do is keep trying.. atleast for the sake of satisfaction..

  2. Must be nice to be able to believe in your God so much.

  3. @piyali: Constant trying can take a toll some times, so occaisionally it is good to hang up one's shoes and make merry :D Hi.

    @Cherie: The movie is. The post? Well, thank you! :) Oh n nice to have you here.

    @Sue: Was that for meant for me? Well there are times when I do get around to believing and then it seems really nice... but faith takes a lot of work and I am by definition lazy. I am not so sure about what I believe in right now, except that everyone else other than me seems to be controlling my life right now. It's like, *Trust me with a little confusion and I'll take care of the rest.*

  4. Seems like a nice film... like the way you've compared a movie and our lives to a race...

    Sometimes though, instead of winning, some of us get burnt by the flaming Chariots of Fire...

  5. Haven't seen it so can't really comment but yep - thats a grt way of living.