Thursday, June 02, 2005

Incandescent Inside

Burning steel on baking earth
Molten silver slashing the crusted pallour
Winds of flame scorch a wooden hearth
Leaves ablaze with furious valour.

Withering mirages, like a desert art
Dissolve in wisps of smoke and dust
Vehement shame of a scoffed at heart
Caustic scabs, courtesy a breached trust.

Scathing pyres of murdered spirit
Conflagrant waves of canicular days
Choices, dictating a purgatory visit
Cindered remains hanging in a scalding haze.


  1. oi!!! someone bring a fire-extinguisher will ya!!!

    ok..ok.. whats with the Pyrotechniques?......

    before you evaporate in flames..!!

    *dumps a bucket of water on FR*

  2. *SHIVERING* brrr.... dd..ddo yyou mmmind haandding mme a tto..towel?

  3. why!?! your just going to join the x-men and be Pyro all over again arent ya!!!



  4. Ahem! I think at the end of the X-Men2 movie, Pyro becomes chums with Magneto! I was only the moth, drawn to the flame...

    Why is it that I always get blamed for everything? :(

  5. Awww... no sighing! *hugs* Here ... hav a chocolate coin :)

  6. yeah, i started liking it cos of u, and ph.
    they're really good, and i'm glad that i've made your day! so now u can treat me for having said nice stuff about u! how about chocolate excess at barista the next time i come to delhi? ;o)

  7. @sanjana: You have a deal! Any treat involving chocolate `anything' is always welcome - errr... I am supposing even when I give the treat, I get to eat some... no? :)

  8. @stiletto: Gracias, senorita!

  9. oohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!! ;D

    *melts at the thought of chocolate...*
    groaaan... DEATH BY CHOCOLATE at Tangerine is BY FAR THE BESTEST i the WORLD!!!

    * sigh... what a way to die!!*

  10. @grafx: no no! don't die on me ... you can have all the chocolate you like!

  11. arreeeyy that was the NAME of that chocolaaaaaaaaaaaat!!!

    sigh.. now you made me hungry

  12. @grafx: Whew! Don't scare me like that!

  13. NO! sharing is caring and all that, EXCEPT when it comes to chocolate! ;o)

  14. hahhha. now THIS is REAL death by chocolate!!