Friday, June 10, 2005

Letting go

I was lying in a state of absolute bliss, on my bed. Now, now... Do not let your imagination fly. Stay with me. An engrossing novel in hand and a packet of biscuits lying carelessly somewhere beside me. And as I munched on, my cassette player decided to started playing...

To really love a woman,
To understand her,
You've got to know her deep inside...

I just let the novel go, and I lay there. Letting go of every muscle of my body is so relaxing at times like this. And as I lay there, limp and helpless and exposed, I could feel the soft voice of Bryan Adams wash over me.

Hear every thought,
See every dream,

I was a little sad. This was the last night I was spending with her. The effeminate object of desire I am referring to here, is my dear bed. My mom tells me, when she got back from the hospital with `baby me' I was put on this bed. And I remember the first night I slept away from my parents (and that was way, way long back) I slept on this bed. I remember sleeping beside Nani on the bed as she read me stories from Phantom and Mandrake comic books. I must have read countless novels lying, curled up on her.

And give her wings when she wants to fly.
Then when you find yourself lying helpless in her arms ...
You know you really love a woman

She has been a constant companion in all my dreams. And she has seen me fall of her, while still sleeping. And she has shared my fantasies... Ahem! I must not get carried away on this topic.

When you love a woman,
You tell her that she's really wanted.
When you love a woman,
You tell her that she's the one.

She has seen me steal away in the middle of the night, to cook up a packet of Maggi in the kitchen for that yummy midnight snack. She has also seen me cry. I think, besides my parents perhaps, she is the only one who has. What a depressing thought!

To really love a woman,
Let her hold you,
Till you know how she needs to be touched.
You've got to breathe her, really taste her,
Till you can feel her in your blood.

Oh! Of course, how could I forget. She has watched me write, even a few of these posts, which I first wrote on paper. She has also suffered my out-of-tune guitar chords, and my bouts of drawing frenzy. And though she creaks every now and then, and sways a bit, she has borne my weight on her trusted wooden beams for so many years.

And when you find yourself lying helpless in her arms,
You know you really love a woman.

She has become a little creaky from hearing my monologues all the time. And I am sad to let her go. For a mere Rs. 200... Sold to someone in the neighbourhood, because there is no place to keep her in our new home. Because she is being replaced by younger pieces of furniture. I just hope she will make someone else just as happy as she made me. Sayonara, dear bed. May you always be slept upon with love...

So tell me have you ever really ... really, really ever loved a woman?


  1. FR!?!!? ----(ok ...WILL NOT LET MIND WANDER!!)

    *giggle.....i think you have PLENTY of hope as a geek as well *

    *flutters eyelashes*

  2. @grafx: yu weally, weally whink wo?

    *wonky speech is a side effect of fluttering eyelashes*

  3. have youseen "willy wonka and the chocolate factory?"

    oh and i definatelly wink wo

  4. Really loved a woman? Moi? I should hope not!!

    What about you? ;o)

  5. but where r these lines (my favorite)

    "n when u see ur unborn children in her eyes
    u know u really love a woman"

    wat an analogy!

  6. @swathi: I did some *diplomatic* editing :) Analogy... now why didn't I think of that! ;)

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