Friday, June 10, 2005

Things that I can never write about

I cannot write how I feel,
Feel every unsaid word,
I cannot write what I think,
Think of one in many ways,
I cannot write why I hate,
Hate every other who ever is,
I cannot write why I stay,
Stay rooted, rotting inside.
I cannot write why me,
Me always, and never you,
I cannot write where I want to be,
Be with, and never without,
I cannot write in clear prose,
Prosaic fears of being understood,
I cannot write who is happy,
Happiness bereft of my presence,
I cannot write how I live,
Life knows not it lives within,
I cannot write when I am dark,
Dark around and lit inside,
I cannot write when I read,
Read lines of unfeeling text,
I cannot write when I jest,
Jester in a royal court,
I cannot write of who I seek,
Seek eternal to never find,
I cannot write where is peace,
Peace rests in mortal awe,
I cannot write of why I am far,
Far adrift is destiny's plan,
I cannot write what tells time,
Time's tale is not mine to tell,
I cannot write of anything inside,
Inside only echoes play,
I cannot write of when I leave
Leaving me behind with you,
I cannot write of my return,
Return the dead do not to life.


  1. am "reading between the line".... did you want to say something FR?...


  2. sigh ..some of it makes me sad...

  3. oh FR, this is so sad and morantic(it can be both) that i am feeling QUITE heavy hearted now.*sniff*


  4. @grafx: Read... there is a lot to read there... even though I did not write all I want to be read. Sigh! I did not want it to make you feel sad. Cheer up now!

  5. @R: Now, now what's with everbody feeling heavy hearted with me. I thought *cry and you cry alone* should hold good, no?

    Just kidding! :)

    Cheer up now, n send me some cheer across when you do!