Saturday, June 18, 2005

Get it?

If for my every tit, your every tat,
When I do this, if you do that,
Do you know, or you do know,
It rains when hot, and when cold, snow.

This is slow for every racing fast,
After you have whizzed by, it will last,
If you be me, and me be you instead,
Why have two colours, blue and red?

Confused, modest, convinced,
A few words should perhaps be minced,
Bordering sense, lies the non of it,
Ah! But it is mine in every bit.

Why explain what you can force,
Take the water to the horse,
Push and shove in a rowdy brawl,
What begets of the pride you maul?

Laughing so hard, and hard work pays,
If you believe what everyone says,
Then I am like your every future ex,
Desiring more, more desired sex.

Secrets to keep, why do you ask?
Beauty, deep skinned, skin deep mask,
Leave me standing on my knees,
Of poised pose, say "Cheese!"


  1. Hey First Rain! --first time here!

    very thought provoking poem.. made me think...maybe i should just let things be.... let it go where it lets me...

  2. As always, you leave me at a loss of words. I have to think for 2 minutes before i can figger out what to write! you take all my words away! but, as usual, i like it! :o)

  3. awesome first rain... 'Bordering sense, lies the non of it', 'Why explain what you can force,
    Take the water to the horse' - very nice.

  4. @sunshine: Welcome to da blog! n if you get it, then go get it :)

  5. @sonia: Me? Take your words? I assure you I had no such intentions :P Take a few back and write them down somewhere safe!

  6. @cactus: `allo, welcome and thank you! Be back again sometime soon...

  7. ok and wheres the hello for me huh? ;P

    lol:) heya put a new post upppppppppp!~!!!