Monday, May 30, 2005


Winding roads of cobbled stone,
Jaded memories of aging minds,
Dormant earth of valiant lands,
Searching eyes of innocent faces,
Entrancing music of distant love,
Kindred touch of placid hands,
Ebbing cries of wounded flesh,
Spring beauty of virgin flowers,
Parched grains of desert sands,
Applauding many of victory sweet,
Poisoned trust of a betraying kiss,
Burning touch of acid rain,
Lost company of a mocking bird,
Calm tempest of serene seas,
Warm embrace of smiling luck,
Sensuous trance of passionate art,
Mistral touch of burning lust,
Breaking waves of tumultuous thought,
Trembling steel of young courage,
Elysian fields of mystic dreams,
Unworthy wants of defenseless hearts,
Chiming bells of a divine call,
Eloping hope of a binary life,
Haloed realms of an intimate elite.


  1. Oooo!! im furst!
    ok this reminded me so much of C.S. Lewis's chronicles of Narnia.... am so in love with those books...have you read them?
    *bows down to FR...oh ye god of poetry...thou conquers all*

  2. @grafx: No... I haven't. *scribbles a note somewhere to catch up on the lion, the witch and the wardrobe... and others*

    and besides that, I am as mortal as they come... totally unable to make sense out of my life.

  3. ok long as all your five senses are around...youd be able to make sense of it all.. NOT TO WORRRAAAYY!!!

  4. @grafx: It is only when the senses tell you something sensible that it is possible to make sense of them... oh.. I am not making any sense at all. I am not worrying... at least I am trying not to.

  5. yes but see if they tell you something that DOESNT make sense then life gets interesting seeee!!!

    err.. its like ,.,. having your nose run and your feet smell!

  6. @grafx: *SNIFF* can't talk with a stuffy nose...

  7. @grafx: *SNIFF* You'r sure you want to be around when I do that? *SNIFF*

  8. And to think I actually used to hate poetry!

  9. @sanjana: You mean to say that you now like poetry because of the stuff I write? If my scribbles did that... WOW! u made my day.

  10. helloo!!! wow!! i thought i heard a really loud trumpet!

  11. Wow ! Thats really vivid man !! Neat !

  12. lovely..
    esp. liked this "Eloping hope of a binary life"

  13. I came here by chance... I like what you write, the way you play around with words. Wunderbar! This poem was really vivid and touching.. you are good.

  14. @emma: Hi n welcome! Danke for all your good words. Do come back again!