Friday, May 06, 2005

Kya tumko pata hai?

Kya tumko pata hai?
Makhmali raat ki chadar mein,
Tumhare zulfon ki khusboo hai,
Samundar par leheron ki harkat mein,
Tumhari aankhon ka jadoo hai.

Kya tumko pata hai?
Zindagi ki madhosh dhadkane,
Tumhari sanson ki deewani hai,
Junoon ke har zarre ki tamanna,
Tumhari simat ti javani hai.

Kya tumko pata hai?
Asma mein suraj ki lali,
Tumhare hoton ki rangat hai,
Is nazm ka bekarar intezar,
Tumhara likha har khat hai.

Kya tumko pata hai?
Sharmati kaliyon ka phoolon mein khilna,
Tumhare choone ka ehsaas hai,
Meri humsafar, mere chalne ki manzil,
Tumhari parchai ke paas hai.

Kya tumko pata hai?
Zamane se jeetne ki himmat,
Tumhare awaaz ki kashish hai,
Meri soch ki nason mein daud rahi,
Tumhari chahat ki khwahish hai.


  1. Mmmm...sensual description..i cud almost feel ur words caress my imagination.
    The delhi rain has sure turned u romantic, what wud happen to u...if it pours every once in a while in delhi.

  2. FR - i has to be going and transamalating your "pome" again..

  3. arrey wah!!
    that's awesome yar!
    you're poems are the best!
    and btw, my sis loves it too, just introduced her to blogs and she loves ur poem!

  4. nice ones :

    do check :

  5. @starz: You can also imagine how much work I am getting done these days ;-) If it pours every once in a while in Delhi I'd probably lose my job :D

  6. @grafx: You get the transmalating done, I'll wait with bated breath...

  7. @sanjana: Thank you, thank you! And sanjana's sis - thank you too. Welcome to blogs. Hope you have an enchanting stay ;)

  8. @dreamz: Hi! Will visit you soon.

  9. wow! since i'm a sucker for morantic(my lingo for romantic) stuff, i realize that i'm a big fan of ur poems.
    n these lines
    "Sharmati kaliyon ka phoolon mein khilna,
    Tumhare choone ka ehsaas hai..."

    -heavenly... awesome.... now i'm short of adjectives :))
    lucky is the one who is the inspiration behind this !

  10. yeah Fr whos the inspiration!?! and err..btw dint have the net this weekend so i was outta the web so to speak

  11. ok got it oh MAN!!! you SHO will blast the ice into smithereens!! lol that is FO SHO!!!

    *be still my flittery heart!*

  12. @swathi: Whoo-hoo! Go easy on the praise lady. Its hard to walk on clouds as it is :) Thank you!

  13. @grafx: The way you described your weekend, I thought you were probably on seventh heaven to even consider accessing the web!

    btw need some help with dat heart of urs? ;)

  14. well.. lol i guess i didnt feel teh lack of it.. thats strange tho.. since i get reduced to a vegetable if im not on it all the time!!

    YEEKS! wattre you gonna do!~~~ make it stop~?~~ :P

  15. Er...if u dont mind, may i ask what kind of job ur in,such that rain gods can end up creating a havoc for ur job.Scratching my head in puzzlement

  16. @grafx: Make it stop :O ! Then who would write that blog which you scribble every now and then. Imagine how many hearts will stop if you do not turn up online ever again :D. Want me to try CPR? ;)

  17. @starz: Oh.. its not my job that's the cause of the trouble. It's like you said, `what wud happen to u...if it pours every once in a while in delhi' So if the rains keep inducing me into writing poetry all day long, I wouldn't get much of my work done, and hence, lose my job. Q.E.D.

  18. ROFLMAO!!! *scampers away blushing* SHOOSH!

  19. Oh ! gotcha..

  20. First off, that was really nice.
    Congratulations on your writing.

    I just thought it'd be nice to see this in Hindi (I may have gotten "junoon" wrong, but the rest of it should be correct):

    क्या तुमको पता है
    मखमली रात की चादर मे
    तुम्हारे ज़ुल्फों की खुशबू है
    समन्दर पर लहरों की हरकत मे
    तुम्हारे आँखों का जादू है

    क्या तुमको पता है
    ज़िन्दगी की मदहोश धड़कनें
    तुम्हारी सांसों की दीवानी है
    जुनून के हर ज़र्रे की तमन्ना
    तुम्हारी सिमटती जवानी है

    क्या तुमको पता है
    आसमां मे सुरज की लाली
    तुम्हारे होठों की रंगत है
    इस नज़्म का बेकरार इन्तेज़ार
    तुम्हारा लिखा हर खत है

    क्या तुमको पता है
    शरमाती कलियों का फूलों मे खिलना
    तुम्हारे छूने का एहसास है
    मेरी हमसफर, मेरे चलने की मंज़िल
    तुम्हारी परछाई के पास है

    क्या तुमको पता है
    ज़माने से जीतने की हिम्मत
    तुम्हारे आवाज़ की कशिश है
    मेरी सोच की नसों मे दौड रही
    तुम्हारी चाहत की ख़्वाइश है

  21. @anon: Hey thanks for the effort! This looks really cool :)

  22. erm.. ok.. well.. err.. nevermind


  23. @grafx: what? lol...tell me..tell me..lest I chew up all my fingernails in anxiety!