Tuesday, May 24, 2005


A solitary telephone booth stands,
An oasis amongst dreary urban sands.
Oh! I cannot wait to call you, anymore,
To tell you, what I now know in my heart, for sure.

Just three coins in my purse, I dial,
Calling out to you from this iron isle,
A dial tone, a phone ring, a heart beat away,
Many things, so many many things, I want to say.

Hello? Can I speak to...,
Please, please, put the call through,
I have to tell you, I want to spend,
My life with you, till the very end.

Can you hear me? Hello?,
Listen to me... this you've got to know,
One coin in, only one more,
Talk to me, wait, I implore.

The call counter ticked out first,
Or did she hang up, which is worst?
All my coins eaten by Bell's child,
I go back, forlorn, into the deserted wild.


  1. Hands FR summore coins - HEAHYA GO!!!

    oh wait theyre choclate coins!!

    hmmmpff.. just eat em otay?!!!

    *scampers off*

  2. :(

    *Eats the chocolate coins, and walks off into the sunset*

  3. halloo... they were supposed to connect you back again!!!
    *reaches in and hands over a few more*

    here!! now dont JUST eat em!!

  4. Saintly FR: Call. Call.
    Devilish FR: Eat them. Eat them.

    *Eats all but half a coin and then repents... but since half a coin is no good for making calls... eats the remaining half too*

  5. erm...alright..."makes an entry in her little black book to sign FR up for Chocolate therapy"

  6. why does it have to always be so disappointing in the end? wh ydo u make me say "Awwww!" ?

  7. in these days of luv thro' SMS n cell fones , y dial thro' the booth i wonder!

    beautiful verses there

  8. *hugs*

    erm.. can i borrow a coin as well?

  9. @sanjana: I don't want it to. But that's what keeps cropping up!

  10. @swathi: Well... the telephone booth seemed the right setting somehow.

  11. @grafx: *hugs* Let me check if I have any left... ummm.... not here... not here either... ah! here's one... there you are!