Wednesday, May 11, 2005


Angry, ashamed, helpless,
Life, looking lifeless.

Savage outrage,
Debauched rampage,
Innocence crushed,
Free speech hushed.

Cold, absurd, hate,
Life, in a checkmate.

Purchased alliance,
Staged defiance,
Phobic reaction,
Fatal attraction.

Greedy, selfish, warfare,
Life, a living nightmare.

Fissile motives,
Nonextant natives,
Unceasing torment,
Nations fragment.

Merciless, scavenging, unfed,
Life, of the living dead.


  1. ok........WHAT brought up all this

  2. oh and err sorry bout the disappearing act .. had a visitor who wouldnt leave until the fridge was empty!?!

  3. Fissile motives?? *scractching her head trying to fathom the meaning*

  4. Id stay away from the pounding if i were you*creeps away slowly*

  5. My friend S is of the opinion that a poem which has to be explained is not worth reading :O ! Though I do not suscribe to his opinion (as you can see from the post :D ), I feel kind of awkward about explaining my contorted words in public. So I submit to all confused readers a poet's apology:

    Pardon my obfuscation,
    And any tacit lack of explanation,
    If my awkward thoughts left you perplexed,
    Forget it as any other forgotten text.

    Oh.. and do keep reading the blog still :D !

  6. but on going back and re-reading each reads like a separate story all together...
    but its Still all so SAAAAAAAAAAAD!!!

  7. I meant it to be sad. I was sad writing it. :(
    But its not meant to make you feel sad, so cheer up fast!

  8. haha i JUST DID!! coz of what you wrote on mine!*HUGS**HUGS**HUGS*

  9. ok! that's like my life right now! How do u do this?? its uncanny!

  10. @sanjana: No! Don't say that. This poem is not about my life, and trust me, it's not about yours either. I'll never wish such a life upon anybody. Never.