Wednesday, February 16, 2005

"We regret to inform you that ...."

Ah ... those words ... those hateful words! They typically adorn the
first line of the many rejection letters I've seen so far.

What is it about a rejection that makes it feel that the people
rejecting you, are doing it on purpose. It feels they have this very
personal dislike of me. "Why me ?" - its that unanswered question
which pops up like the jack in the box every time I read one of those.

And I got another one today morning (BIG SIGH !!). Did that feel bad -
you bet it did. It also made me think back to few days in the past,
when a dinner offer I made to a dear friend got rejected too. How was
that rejection different from this one? Did that one make me feel
... ummm .. more rejected? I can't believe I wrote this !

Damn, damn, ... damn, damn! (You always gotta say ``damn'' four times,
twice quickly, pause, and then twice again. Unless ofcourse you want
to say it only once.)

``We put our hands over our eyes and weep that it is dark."


  1. I had a Hutch phone in Chennai. And whenever my credit ran out there was this annoying recorded BITCH who would go 'I'm sorry...' like she was enjoying it. Like she loved the fact that I was stuck in some hellhole where I couldn't buy a card and needed to make a call quick. I'm very very afraid of talking machines.

    I'd manitain my sanity by screaming at her.

  2. Wanna know where I'd REEEEALY hate to hear a 'We regret to inform you...' announcement?

    On a plane, in flight, from the Captain.

  3. Wicked sense of humour you got there!

  4. Rejection? Nevah heard that word before :-p

  5. Hi J .. sorta missed you'r comment almost. Never heard of the "R" word eh?
    Hmmmm... Tell me which dimension is that - maybe I'll wander into in somelife, the next one perhaps :-))